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My decision  to take pictures of family affections.


I live  with my family near the Como lake.  

I have a  wonderful wife  and a little child and here I decided to  start my activity. When we bought our house we had been looking for it with some  space for a studio and  a small pose room. I am really in love with my family  and I want  to spend  with the mas much time as possible to live fully  family  affections. That is the reason why my  job is  Home Based. I receive  on appointment both in Como and Milan  but all the merely  technical  work is carried out  in our house.

Now you can understand  why I love my job and why  I love taking pictures  of  the nearest and dearest. I feel  so well in  returning good memories , images are forever and they are  a fantastic memory assist. Pictures are already precious as  soon as we receive them because they represent a unique and particular moment, but  as time passes by  they get more and more value . Old photos  help to remember  vividly  some situations  lived  in an overwhelming way.  Time passes,  images keep living  and they let you  go back in time  remembering wonderful moments.

When you also have the fortune  to be a mother or a father, seeing  again your  child’s smiles and portraits  after one or two years is amazing , since  children grow up more rapidly than you can think! A small  life –long investment !




The structure of  Ferrarifotostudio


I run it personally , from the making of the images  to the following of the work  till the making of the printing or  the  album.  I do not employ  other photographers but whether necessary  I can carry out my activity  with some collaborators  depending on the typology  of the required service.

I  claim to be  an image craftsman , I love  taking it and then  giving more value to its colours  to make it unique; and finally  I follow all  its practical   making.

My rule  is “ territoriality". In contrast  to  a world where  everything  is found online and then you  just have to wait  for  a courier delivering a parcel containing the finished product  to send  to your clients, I love  highlights  and give value  to the making of  printing and albums  cooperating with  local companies and therefore offering you   albums which are  bound by craftsmen   and covered  with precious materials  or high quality made in Italy leather  (certified ).  At the same time  I am responsible of the printing  with  preliminary samples and through  frequent adjustments of my monitors   with  the ones of my  trustworthy pressman.  Even the choice  of the supporting materials  is  quite wide  and is constantly checked.  I can  make  printings  attached on  dibond aluminium, on solid  wood  or plywood , on forex, on canvas and shortly  also big size on  toughened glass. The choice  of the best supporting  type  is normally made considering  the type of  setting  where the photo will be put.









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